Wow! 🍾 Discourse on Pi!

Wow it’s so great!
It works flawlessly on Raspberry Pi!
What model is it exactly?
Pi 4 with how much RAM?
Does it have a hard disc drive?
Anything special?


It’s running on the Pi4 with 8GB of RAM, but it’s using less than 2GB now, so it’s compatible with the cheaper one.

[email protected]:~ $ free -m
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            7813        1333        1097          43        5382        6332
Swap:             99           0          99

I’m using a 64GB microSD card, as usual. It gave me a 59GB usable / partition, and at the moment it has 90% of that free.


It looks a lot faster than my old cheap VPS :laughing:

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Some cheap VPS are shared between so many tenants that I can see that happening indeed. In a Pi you can guarantee that the hardware is 100% really there :rofl: